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Friday, March 11, 2011

inspiration thoughts of piyushdadriwala

1.Zero in left no mean,Zero in right,a lot mean,so do right..
2.The whole world "say" and "say" ,few do ,and one win.
3.Patience and Passion,count the fishes.
4.Life is not foot ball,some one comes and kick off for own goal.
5.Smiles goes miles,but who feels tired while smiling,smiles miles away from.
6.There is a wall between success and failure,now your turn which side you jump.
7.There is only relation between Man and Money ,that is Relation.
8.As a point helps draw a big circle,so do small thing with Big thinkin a great way.
9.In life opportunities like a cone in the begging lot you have,and atthe end only a point of end.
10.The way you think ,the road you get.

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